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Hey!! - So, you're an addict? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Hey!! [Aug. 12th, 2004|06:52 pm]


[Current Mood |artistic]

Hello everyone!

My name is Lauren, I am 18 years old and yes, I do still LOVEEE to play neopets! My user name is Icechick1227.

i own a guild of my own called *The Book of Shadows* whcih is a guild based on the TV show, Charmed. Please join, we have great prizes, great raffles, great members and a great staff! If you have any questions, please feel free to NEOMAIL me! :)

I have been playing neopets since it first came out, but I have switched my account names alot.

My favorite game is Meerca Chase and Ultimate bullseye.

I agree fully wiht the petition going around and I think that is time that prices come into moderation!

Also, if you may have noticed, there is a new Yahoo Messanger IMviroment based on neopets and if you type a secret keyword, animations will happen on the IMviroment. So me and my friend have come together and spent HOURS trying to find out all of them, this is what we have so far. To get thse animations, type the following words to someone in an IM with the IMviroment for neopets, opened.
Sloth, Green, Swing, Volcano, Neopoints, purple, petpet, grarrl!

If u have anymore, please post em here! Im glad I joined this community and I hope to talk to you all more!