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neomerchandise [Jul. 12th, 2004|09:51 pm]

i went to k-mart tonight with a freind. and i found so many neopets stickers, notebooks, pencils and magnets. i was in neopian heaven.i tld myself i couldn't buy anything and that i needed to save my money and we continued on our way. we circled around and when we came back to the home office section i blurted out "neopets" in this strange fixated way. my friend commented, "i love how you gravitate to the neopets." she doesn't understand.

we later went to target and i heard this little boy telling his sister that all fo the neopets stuff was down the other way. once again, i controlled myself.
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hello from the moderator [Jul. 12th, 2004|06:39 pm]

hi all, welcome to neopets_addict. this is spazmaggot, your moderator, speaking. i've only owner neopets for 2 weeks now, but i am definately hooked. i love my little moehog stinkyslimyew. i'm almost as fond of my other pets grungygrumpo, standard_issue33 and who_bit_my_ear, as well as thier respective petpets. i admit, i spend hours on end fiddling around, feeding and taking care of them and earning the neopoints to do so. anyways, i hope you enjoy your stay here.

back to playing with the little guys!
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